Reception open hours: 10:00~18:00
Closed on Weekends and holidays

We deliver "good health" to the people who live, who gather, who work in Nihombashi.

Medical Prime Nihombashi is new medical mall which is located 2 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Hibiya line,
Kodemmacho station where experienced specialists gather.

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Community Space PHELOPHEPACommunity Space

Community Space PHELOPHEPA

PHELOPHEPA means "Health" in the wilderness in South Africa.
At PHELOPHEPA at the 8F community space, we will have events related to health such as health lectures, preventive medical seminars and yoga to deliver more enriched health to the people who live, gather and work in Nihombashi.

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What Medical Prime Nihombashi aims forConcept

What Medical Prime Nihombashi aims for
Closeness as family doctor.
Trust as specialized doctor.
Comprehensiveness as each medical department gathers in one place.
Sense of security by collaborating with general hospitals.

Medical Prime Nihombashi is a new medical mall located 2 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Hibiya line, Kodemmacho staton where experienced medical specialists gather.

We will support from preventive medicine for early detection to medical consultation for the people who live, who work, who gather in Nihombashi as the favorite family doctor.
In the medical mall, there are clinics with experienced medical specialists who have worked in various fields.
Depending on patient's symptoms, doctor will consult with other clinic doctors in the medical mall or other clinics to collaborate on treatment for the best outcome for you.

We hope to be the medical mall where people who have health concerns can feel relaxed, not only physically but mentally.

Transportation / AccessAccess

13-8 Kodemmacho Nihombashi Chuo-ku Tokyo
2 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Hibiya line 'Kodemmacho station'.

* There is no parking lot, so please use public transportation service or neighboring parking.

Operating company

Smart Clinic Co., Ltd.
5-1-33 Akasaka Minato-ku Tokyo