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Privacy Policy

This site is operated by SmartClinic Co.,Ltd. (referred to below as ‘our company’).
Our site discloses business contents of the medical mall which we operate (Name: Medical Prime Shinkawa).

Our company specifies personal information protection policy as below, forms a framework of personal information protection, and makes certain that our employees recognize the importance of personal information protection, and also promotes personal information protection by thorough handling.

Personal Information Protection Policy

Management of personal information

Our company keeps customers’ personal information accurate and up-to-date, and firmly maintains it by applying a proper security system, and educating all of our employees in preventing illegal access, losses, damages, modifications, or leakage of the information.

The usage of personal information

Our site requests you to register your personal information such as name, e-mail address, phone number and others. We use them only for the purpose presented at the time of submission of this information.
We may use the submitted personal information to contact you or reply to the inquires or questions you have submitted for the purpose of sending you e-mail or documents.

The prohibition of sharing to third parties

We will properly manage the submitted personal information, and will not share it with any third parties except for the reasons below:
・When we have your consent.
・When we need to refer it to a third party in order for our company to provide particular services that you request.
・When required by law.

Security measures regarding personal information

We carefully take measures for security and accuracy of personal information.

The reference to the personal information

When a personal information is requested for reference, modification, elimination, etc., we will respond after proper identification of the requester.

The compliance with laws and ordinances

We follow the law of the Japanese government and other ordinances regarding personal information, and will keep our policies up to date accordingly.


If you want to make an inquiry about our privacy policies, please contact below.

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